Travel/City Guides: Fun Activities Only Found in India

India has a very vast culture and it is a multicultural society, so it offers a wide range of activities. It has something for everyone to choose from and there is something that will fulfill anyone’s taste.

Being a widespread country, India has numerous wildlife parks or safaris, where the animal lovers can taste a bit of the adventure of sitting not very far away from some of the rarest wild animals: the Giant Indian Flying Squirrel, the Lion Tailed Macaque or the Indian Fruit Bat.taj-mahal-1009271_960_720

The local festivals filled with light, color and joy of this mesmerizing country are unique. Diwali, Holi or Pongol are some of the events that take many citizens out to the streets. Even though some of these festivals are spread amongst the Hinduism countries, India has its own unique twist to it, and dates back to the ancient Indian times. The colored lamps symbolize life, cosmic light and energy, and express the victory of good over evil. It is definitely a onetime experience to be in India during this autumn festival. In addition, each region will celebrate a different deity.

Taj Mahal is one of the most iconic symbols of Indian architecture and culture. A touristic circuit around it is a must for anyone that wants to see the real face of India. It stands as the most beautiful monument built in the name of love. The white marble construction was a proof of love of emperor Shan Jahan, for his most cherished and beloved wife.

Music is one important element into Indian culture. The sounds of shehnai, the Indian oboe will get into the blood of every music lover. The Indian sounds are to be listened everywhere within this beautiful country, in temples, buses or marketplaces.

The Gange River, also known as the divine water, is a top pilgrimage attractions, which perform prayers and rituals under the beautiful Indian sun.

Bollywood is the core of Indian film industry. Mumbai, the capital city, hosts the movie studios and some of the most overloaded train stations in the world