The Top 10 Yoga Retreats In India (Part 1)

1. Ananda ioberoin the Himalayas

Ananda Spa is probably the most exclusive spa destination in the world. It is located in the mesmerizing Himalayan mountains in India. The pure air, green trees, colorful flowers and clear water and sky are some of the peaks of this spa and its property – a perfect yoga retreat. In this retreat, hatha yoga is taught in the style of the Bihar School of Yoga.

2. Shreyas Retreat in Bangalore

This is a very secluded and tranquil yoga retreat and is considered to be one of the world’s finest retreats. There are a maximum of 20 guests in the retreat at the same time so that you can embrace your healing, meditation and Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. Everysingle part of this retreat is to help you retrieve all the benefits from this paradise.

3. Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore

Another exclusive yoga retreat among the mountains, however it is located in the south. ISha Yoga Center offers unique programs, with the focus of an inner transformation. For this kind of yoga, you don’t have to be so flexible or have too much experience, due to simple postures and transcendental meditation. Furthermore, you will feel stronger and happier at the end of yoga sessions and retreat.

4. Ashiyana Yoga and Spa village on the Mandrem Beach in

Goa Goa island is definitively the most popular destination in India for its beaches and spectacular yoga retreats. Ashiyana Retreat is located right there on the Mandrem beach. The place is a mix of sand, Arabian Sea and palm tress – kind of a vacation yoga retreat with personalized yoga classes.

5. Jiva Spa, Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh

For every person who wishes to be treated like a royalty, Jiva Spa is your kind of spa! The spa is at the famous Usha Kiran Palace and is run by The Taj Group. Their programs include ayuvedric treatments, yoga, meditation and holistic approach to the body and the mind.