The Top 10 Sights In India (Part 1)

10. Keralhouseboats_at_kerala_backwatersa backwaters

The Kerala backwaters are located in the Kerala state near the Arabian Sea coast. It is actually a chain of lakes and lagoons, which lay parallel to the coast. It is a home to many different species of unique aquatic life such as frogs, crabs, water birds, otters and turtles. Nowadays, the most popular touristic activity is houseboats. There are traditional boats made of rice and now are floating hotels for tourists.

9. Lake Palace

It was built as a royal palace for the summer in Udaipur on the Lake Pichola in the 18th century. Today it operates as one of the Taj Hotels Resorts and is a 5 star hotel. The palace becomes quite famous when it showed up in the Octopussy movie of James Bond in 1983. If you want to go to the hotel, you will have to take a boat, which is operated by the hotel.

8. Virupaksha Temple

The Virupaksha Temple can be found in Hampi and was built in 7th century AD. It is one of the oldest and functioning temples of Hindu’s in India. Firstly, it was just some small shrine, but it became a beautiful and magnificent temple.

7. Palolem

Palolem is the most southern beach of island Goa and probably one of the most beautiful ones. This natural bay is surrounded by idyllic sea and calming headlands on both sides. It is full of cheap restaurants, good hotels and so called, Goa trance music. A place to be for every nightlife enthusiast.

6. Kanha National Park

Kanha park is one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Asia and probably the best places to see tigers in India. The bamboo forests and the green meadows inspired author Rudyard Kipling to write his well-known novel “Jungle Book” and make this park one of the top attractions in India.