Study Abroad at an Indian University

Why Should You Study in India?

India is one of the most interesting destinations for all students who wish to study abroad. With its old civilization, diverse culture, tradition and stunning natural beauties, India will take each individual on a journey, making it possible to experience spiritual growth, further your knowledge and immerse yourself in a transcendental, magical place. Although living in India is definitely a challenge, it is quite affordable and gives you a rewarding adventure in return.

Educational System in Indiastudy-text

The educational system in India is surely diverse, which makes it the most unique place to study. The country is home to 575 institutions in the university level use SchoolApply to find universities, and the largest university in the world – Indira Gandhi National Open University hosts more than 3.5 million students!

India’s educational system is similar to the British educational system and it is offering bachelor’s, master’s and various doctoral degrees.

Student Life in India

Every student will notice some extra money in his or her pocket when studying in India. It is affordable and quite cheap if you compare it to other countries. Eating in cheap restaurants will often cost you less than $2, and in more expensive ones, around $10. The cheapest form of transportation and the safest one is to take a train. It will cost you less than $10 to go more than hundred miles in India!

Although this can vary, cozy and nice apartments can be found and rented outside the major cities for $110 per month and in city centres for around $200 per month. The most expensive cities to stay and study in are Delhi and Mumbai. However, one can find that even in those cities rent will be much lower than in all American and European cities.

The great thing about India is that its tuition does not exceed $1000 per year at the public universities, and $1300 per year at the private universities. But most importantly, studying in India is one of a kind unforgettable experience!