Most Visited Cities in India

Students who have just arrived in India or are planning to apply at a university there might be wondering what cities are worth visiting during their stay. By having a more in-depth look on this page, students and also tourists whhawa_mahal_jaipur_indiao are going to visit India will be able to better understand which cities are interesting and how they can be prepared for each different place within the country.

The land of contrasts, India is for sure one of the best travel destinations out there and its cities reflect quite eloquently the impressive contradictions between different social classes and the lifestyles of its inhabitants. The following list aims to present a few Indian cities which are among the most visited ones:

  • Agra: by far one of the most visited city in India, it embraces its tourists with impressive Taj-Mahal temple and its love symbolism, known worldwide. Being included in the “Seven Wonders of the World”, this temple is made entirely of marble and is the biggest tomb known to mankind;
  • New Delhi: being both calm and chaotic, this intricate city will surely be a place where contrasts will be seen, especially through the cows which wander alone on the streets, which are riveted with expensive houses and temples;
  • Jaipur: this Indian city offers its tourists wide streets which are lined with stucco buildings which basically give the city’s name: “The Pink City”. Some of its most prominent attractions include the City Palace, Amber and Jaigarh forts and the Hawa Mahal;
  • Goa: well known for its sandy beaches, this city is suited for those who appreciate spending quality time near the seaside and enjoying seafood, curry and other exotic drinks;
  • Mumbai: another city which falls among the most well-known ones in India, Mumbai will be the ideal choice for those who wish to immerse themselves into massive crowds, feel the murmur of the big city and enjoy street food venues.