Goa – One Universe For Itself

Goa is a paradise for Goa Trance lovers and psychedelic experiences. It is an Indian state in the southwest bounded by Karnataka, Maharashtra and the Arabian Sea. It is the smallest state in India, but also, the richest! It has a lot to offer t653x490o the tourists, from ling beaches, temples, wildlife, cheap hotels and Psy Trance music.

The capital of Goa state is Panaji, but the largest city is Vasco da Gama. It is the former province of Portugal, who first came to the island in the 16th century. The Margao is a historic city, which shows Portuguese influence. This province was under the control of the Portuguese for 450 years. It was given back to India in 1961 by the annex.

Nowadays, it is visited mostly by young people who want to party all night on the long beaches. It is full of beach clubs and is somewhat still a happy hippy place on the face of the earth. There is a whole one music era, which was dedicated to Goa and its universal vibrations. Goa Trance is still underground music, mostly for modern hippies. However, Goa still remains the lost paradise in the machinery world. If you want to get lost in the crowd at the end of the forgotten and ancient world, Goa is a must.

But Goa is not just lost paradise for young and old hippies, it is also full of beautiful and old buildings and temples. You can find various and unique species, which cannot be seen anywhere else. And most importantly, it is a symbol of an eternal and good vibrations, which are sent to all of us through the universe through youth, music, good fun, endless beaches and temples. You can just feel good vibrations in the middle of nowhere and endless laughter on Goa island!