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Study Abroad at an Indian University

Why Should You Study in India? India is one of the most interesting destinations for all students who wish to study abroad. With its old civilization, diverse culture, tradition and stunning natural beauties, India will take each individual on a journey, making it possible to experience spiritual growth, further your knowledge and immerse yourself in

Travel/City Guides: Fun Activities Only Found in India

India has a very vast culture and it is a multicultural society, so it offers a wide range of activities. It has something for everyone to choose from and there is something that will fulfill anyone’s taste. Being a widespread country, India has numerous wildlife parks or safaris, where the animal lovers can taste a

Cultural Differences in India

The people of India belong to one of the oldest and more interesting civilizations in the world. Everyone who decides to visit this country becomes mesmerised by its history, culture, philosophy and way of life. Thousands of years shaped India’s extraordinary identity, creating a colourful mosaic of different cultural elements. Language A great proof of

Most Visited Cities in India

Students who have just arrived in India or are planning to apply at a university there might be wondering what cities are worth visiting during their stay. By having a more in-depth look on this page, students and also tourists who are going to visit India will be able to better understand which cities are