Study Abroad at an Indian University

Why Should You Study in India? India is one of the most interesting destinations for all students who wish to study abroad. With its old civilization, diverse culture, tradition and stunning natural beauties, India will take each individual on a journey, making it possible to experience spiritual growth, further your knowledge and immerse yourself in binary options brokers

Travel/City Guides: Fun Activities Only Found in India

India has a very vast culture and it is a multicultural society, so it offers a wide range of activities. It has something for everyone to choose from and there is something that will fulfill anyone’s taste. Being a widespread country, India has numerous wildlife parks or safaris, where the animal lovers can taste a

Cultural Differences in India

The people of India belong to one of the oldest and more interesting civilizations in the world. Everyone who decides to visit this country becomes mesmerised by its history, culture, philosophy and way of life. Thousands of years shaped India’s extraordinary identity, creating a colourful mosaic of different cultural elements. Language A great proof of forex broker with low minimum deposit

Most Popular University Programs for Indian Youth

Many Indian students look to study abroad with the USA and Europe being the main recipients of Indian students. The US remains the most popular destination for not only Indian students but students from all over. They’re looking for prestigious, valuable credentials. The most popular university programs for Indian youth are found in countries like

Most Visited Cities in India

Students who have just arrived in India or are planning to apply at a university there might be wondering what cities are worth visiting during their stay. By having a more in-depth look on this page, students and also tourists who are going to visit India will be able to better understand which cities are stock trading minimum deposit

The Top Universities In India (Part 2)

6. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) ITTR was founded in 1847, but gained its status in 1949. Today it is ranked as 39th on the BRICS rank and in 2001, it became an Institute of Technology. It has 21 departments and offers programs in applied sciences, engineering, humanities, management and social sciences. In the

The Top Universities In India (Part 1)

1. Indian Institute of Science Bangalore It was ranked 147th in the year of 2015/2016 in the QS World University Ranking. It was founded with just two departments and 21 students in 1909, but now has 39 departments and more than 3,500 students. It was a 33rd university in Asia in 2016 and it was

The Indian Cuisine

The Indian cuisine was influenced mainly by foreigners, who occupied India for many years, and brought with them their local ingredients, spices and dishes. Furthermore, trade relations, paths and colonialism also had a great role in Indian cuisine. However, it is in the native Indian cuisine to use various spices, and that is why India

Goa – One Universe For Itself

Goa is a paradise for Goa Trance lovers and psychedelic experiences. It is an Indian state in the southwest bounded by Karnataka, Maharashtra and the Arabian Sea. It is the smallest state in India, but also, the richest! It has a lot to offer to the tourists, from ling beaches, temples, wildlife, cheap hotels and

The Top 10 Yoga Retreats In India (Part 2)

6. Swaswara Retreat, Gokarna on Karnataka Island Gokarna, a picturesque little and unique beach on the Karnataka island, is a place where you can find Swaswara Retreat. Their program includes a mix of asanas, pranayama (breathing), dharana (concentration) and mantra. If you practice all of it, you will reach the state of Dhyana, which is